LMMG – S’Mores

In a new feature I’d like to refer to as Lame Mom Makes Good or LMMG, I celebrate the fact that I carried through on a Mom Task. A Mom Requirement. A Mom Thang. A Thing every other mom seems capable of whipping out at last minute’s notice and smoothly accomplishing.

This Mom Thang I was incapable of pulling off? Making s’mores. It seems simple: marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate. How hard can it be?

But it took me until August for the stars to align and for me to remember to buy three items at the same time. Some little monster in my house would eat all the marshmallows, or I’d have the marshmallows and realize the Daddy Monster ate the chocolate or… you get the idea. Finally, all three items in the house.

Then they’d beg for s’mores, but it would be after SuperBoy had his bath and really, I’m just not good and patient with sticky burnt marshmallows. No matter how hard I try, I’m the one that ends up with it all over my hands. Well, me and SuperBoy. He manages to spread it all over the doorknobs too.

But finally, the magical evening came. The fire was made. The ingredients gotten out (we even added a new ingredient suggested by my cousin – a layer of peanut butter!). And They Were Happy. The End.



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