Mummy Dearest

Speaking of ancient history: You HAVE to visit the University of Chicago’s site where you can make your own mummy! You get to do such enjoyable things as stick a metal hook up the guy’s nose and break apart his brains, and remove his internal organs to put in the canopic jars. Oh, so much fun!



  1. Carey says

    Thanks for the link! Cole loved it and played it serveral times :) He studied Egypt last year and was able to remember so much as he played :)

  2. Carey says

    Ok I just have to comment again :) I have a secret love for Egypt! guess the secret is out 😉 This year our history and geography curriculum is a bit lacking and I decided since we are here we are going to study of few different countries. Cole wants to study Egypt because he loves this link :) I didn’t want to push a country but you helped :) Thank you I am so looking forward to this study! A side note Cole is my child that unless it is his idea…..

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