Christmas Memory

Here’s one of my special Christmas memories:

When the kids were little – we’re talking 5, 3 and 1 – I would sometimes (sometimes?) go claustrophobic in the house and would have to get out. Even though getting them out of the house could be a huge chore in and of itself. But on just such a day I thought I’d get out for a little shopping at the outdoor mall up the road.

I went to a favorite store of mine and was looking at the pretty sweaters all lined up calling out my name. Meanwhile, my two daughters were busy playing their new game, which was holding the mannequins hands and pretending they were “mommy”.

I had SuperBoy in the stroller right by me and I had my eye on the girls, but then I turned to pick up a red sweater from the table… and that’s when it happened. There were two mannequins, one on each side of a giant tower of empty boxes wrapped like gifts. There were ribbons connected from the mannequins’ hands all the way up to the top of the tower (which was almost as high as the ceiling). When my girls grabbed the “mommy” hands…the mannequins swayed and pulled at the tower with their ribbons. And that’s when the entire tower of gifts, my two girls and two mannequins fell over in the front window of Ann Taylor Loft.

(epilogue: the salespeople were so nice about it and i apologized over and over and i promise my kids are well-behaved and i bought the sweater to be nice before i ran out of the store as soon as i could.)


  1. says

    Making your kids destroy a store so you can have an excuse to buy a sweater is very sad. You may need help. I will pray for you.

  2. Clare says

    a friend said his wife called to say their little daughter closed down another store with an Adam Alert. She quietly separates from her mother and hides. I guess I’d have to go with the dancing mannequins.

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