The three kids and I and my mom drove out to Pennsylvania last week to visit my grandparents.

Wait. I don’t think that set into your brain. Three kids. Ten hour drive. Pouring, pouring, pouring rain all the way out. Car. Stuff in car. Kids stuffed into stuff in car.

But we made it.

And I was proud to show off my smart, intelligent, brillllllliant children.


Ah – filled with pride they were.


We had a good time visiting family -I’ll show you some pics in the next couple days. And we also enjoyed the beautiful Pennsylvania hills.Ah…so peaceful.


Dibs on DYB

Here are some updates on Mr MIP’s band – The David Yeager Band. If you don’t have their CD yet, make sure to order one from their site – Order here!. Or get it through me. Remember it makes a great Christmas gift for the music geek in your life!

Here’s the latest:

Come hear them October 9 from 6-9 pm at the Aurora ArtWalk. They will be performing at Back Third Studio. You can stay and listen to one or two sets, and then meander on to other art exhibits. Or stay the whole time, because I can’t be there and it will make me feel good to know he has an audience listening!

For more info on the Aurora ArtWalk, click HERE

A great review – 5 stars! – was given to one of their songs, Tom Bombadil, from Recording Magazine. This is a mag that focuses on professional recording, so it was an honor for them to receive such a great review. Read the terrific review HERE.

Listen to a podcast which includes one of their songs on the show Under the Radar – The Best Music You’ve Never Heard. Listen HERE or download the podcast HERE (it’s episode #43).

Come see them open, along with SevenGlory, for the band Decemberadio on November 8th. Get more info from the venue HERE.

It bothers me that there’s no pictures on this post. Must get a picture. Must….find…picture….