Recs for Kris

Here you are, Kris! The list of places I’d recommend:


Somerset Inn and Suites – Straightforward hotel room. Nice! Just north of Ephraim.

Where we stayed this time: Ephraim Guest House – Nice suite with living room/kitchen/bedroom. I think they have two-bedroom suites, too (would be nice for a family). There was a little bookcase stocked with classics, including Patrick O’Brien books. I’m just sayin’ – I coulda stayed there for quite some time quite happily. Located in Ephraim, about two blocks from the water.


Summertime – located in Fish Creek. Get the ribs. Not necessarily recommending anything else.

Old Post Office – Ephraim. Great place for breakfast. Plain ol’ good breakfast food. Right across from the water. Always makes me feel like I’m on vacation.

Inn at Cedar Creek – popular place you hear about in Sturgeon Bay. We stopped there for our last meal on the way home. I don’t think we’ll go back. (Sorry)

Trattoria dal Santo – get the walleye. Yum-o. Located in Sturgeon Bay.

Sweetie Pies – Sells full pies or pie by the slice.

Wild Tomato Pizza – we stopped there and had to wait for a while to get in, but it was worth it. We had fried cheese curds and a sausage and mushroom pizza. I’m not going to say it was the best pizza ever but it definitely hit the spot on a chilly afternoon. We also spent a lot of time wondering if we were eating two tables away from the Bodeans. Yep. Fur realz.

We’ve also eaten at The Cookery (which I remember loving), and The Bistro at Liberty Square in Egg Harbor.


My favorite is Maxwell’s House in Egg Harbor.

JC (my friend) found two great bead shops: The Perfect Bead and oh dear…I forget. Another bead place. She’s into that stuff. This is what the guys did while she shopped:


I’ve gone to The Rusty Rabbit before and liked it.


Firetower and lighthouse in Peninsula State Park

I have to include this photo – just have to. This is me and 1/3 on top of the firetower. Take note of the beautiful coats. That’s all I’m gonna say. Just admire.


Cana Island Lighthouse

Ferry Ride to Washington Island and then on to Rock Island – very fun

What are your recommendations? Let me know!


  1. Allison says

    We really enjoyed White Gull Inn for breakfast and lunch. Very good! The Cookery was also good, and we enjoyed Wild Tomato also–took it back to our room to eat while watching the Packers and Vikings MNF game.

    We didn’t really enjoy the Washington Island trip–well–that’s not a good way to say it. We did it once, and we don’t think we ever need to do that again.

  2. kelli says

    Allison – I should explain that we first went to Door County years ago because of lighthouses…so only once have we made the trip out to Rock Island to see the lighthouse out there. But we’ll probably never do it again… just had to get it over with that one time!

  3. kris says

    Cool – thanks!! Um…let’s see…Agree totally about the post office in Ephraim to eat breakfast – also love the food (pancakes) at Sister Bay Cafe..usually we are grazing all day and end up just finding any ol’ place if we want some real food! There’s a good pizza place in Sister Bay – a hole in the wall but good and we had a really good dinner at Sister Bay Bowl. We have always stayed at the Open Hearth in Sister Bay so we know nothing else which is why I was wondering about that….I agree about the ferry to the island etc. – once and done – probably won’t go back! We do a lot of driving around and stopping when something looks good…We love to drive to the different orchards for apples and just to browse……We LOVE the Peninsula Players outdoor theater…….so unique…watch the sunset on the beach and then take in a play – they do several during the spring/summer/fall….Love to rent either bikes or mopeds (lately since we’re old :-))and cruise through Peninsula State Park. We’ve gone up in the tower (love both coats by the way) and we always try to get to Cave Point Park – beautiful! Have gone to the Door County Bakery being the good WGN Spike O’Dell fan and saw the coffee cup museum……one and done on that too! Bakery is good but not outstanding…..We have always gone in the fall but I would love to go in the summer sometime and also winter but I want a guaranteed “good winter weather” weekend and that doesn’t happen so we probably won’t do that….that’s my rundown….thanks for sharing yours!! ks

  4. kelli says

    I couldn’t agree more, Kris. you can see the goats when you drive by…oooh, look! A Goat!

    But I didn’t like the food or the atmosphere. I prefer the Old Post Office!

  5. Mike says

    I want to eat my food, not have it mailed to me! ha ha ha, Al Johnson is pricy too, because they have the goats I think.

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