Me Out of Place

On your first weekend trip with people, you really try to be on your best behavior and so you do things like hold your pee for as long as you can so they don’t have to make a pit stop and you don’t eat a stinky snack like a Slim Jim beef stick in the car and you don’t want to make them feel they have to stay up til midnight watching baseball play-offs…oh, wait…you do do that one. Anyway, I thought I did pretty well. I mean, look how well it all started out.


But then I saw this…


And, yeah, this little number…what AM I doing?




I’m such a letdown to the family…


I kinda felt bad when I noticed those pictures. Couldn’t I have behaved a little more grown-up? Mature? Door County-ish?

Nah. You know what? I think I did just fine.



P.S. And, yes, as a matter of fact, I did make them make a pit stop.


  1. kris says

    Just a quick question for ya……..where do you guys stay when you go to DC? Always the same place? We need a new suggestion…….looks like you had fun!!

  2. kelli says

    Kris – good question…how about i do a little post sometime today with the hotels we’ve stayed at and eating places we like? then you have to tell me where you guys like to go! deal? :)

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