We spent the first day touring the northern half of DC…and eating the northern half of DC.

Since it was 2/3’s first time, we showed them all the typical stuff you just have to do when there. Like:

Climb Cana Island Lighthouse:


Take pictures by the shore of Cana Island:


Discover Mrs 1/3 – otherwise known as JC – takes great scenic photos just like Mr MIP does! Yay!


Meanwhile, I can sit and relax while Mr MIP and his travel buddy take pretty photos of every bloomin’ leaf on the island.


“Hm…I really could use a travel buddy.” thought MIP.

On from the lighthouse, we stopped by Gallery Ten in Gills Rock to view our friend’s photos which had been displayed all summer and fall. Here’s me and Mr JC checking out Jim’s photos and looking for the deeper meaning in it all. (Secret: There is no deeper meaning.) If you want to check out Jim’s awesome photography, check his site at Points of Light.


And, of course, take a picture of this famous swishy road. (Swishy?)


By then, we were starving and had to…just HAD to get some food.


  1. says

    Thanks for the shout out. Looks like you folks had a fine time in DC. The Mrs. went up last weekend to fetch the inventory from the gallery while I shot a wedding and said the colors were gorgeous.

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