Mommyhood is NOT easy. Let’s just get that straight. And while I’m doing the best I can (most days), other times I’m not so sure. For instance, yesterday? I wanted to go to the gym? And I couldn’t figure out how to do that unless I didn’t have to take kids. So I paid them each $1.50 to clean SuperBoy’s room. It was a disaster zone and I didn’t want to touch it. Is it bad that I paid them? By the time I got home – I had done my workout, and the room was clean! Ta-Da! (Don’t worry, Mr MIP was home working – so he was with them.)

And now we’re wondering what to do about the flu shot. Should we get one? Should we get them the H1N1 shot? They are giving them away free around here in the next couple weeks. You just don’t know. One person says it’s a political ploy, another says 21 kids have died from it in Illinois. Middle Child woke up dizzy and has a slight fever today. If you were the grandparent of my children, what would you be telling me to do?

And what about practicing? My daughter rebelled everytime I told her to practice this week. So finally I just stopped telling her to. When it was the night before lessons, she is crying at the top of the stairs at ten o’clock at night – mommmmm….can i practice nowwwwww? No, I said. Get in bed.

The next morning she practiced quickly before her lesson and she did fine. You just get so tired of pushing everyone around you to do anything – it’s why my favorite trait in a person is self-motivation. Thank you for taking care of it yourself. Love ya!

Would you have let her practice??

Maybe I’ll just get back in bed. Cartoon Network does a fine job of mothering without me.


  1. Mike says

    I’m with ya on most things (even though I know NOHITNG about motherhood) but I got the regular flu shot and now I am not feeling so hot!

  2. Margie says

    Well, I am not giving my kids the shot. My husband is in the pharmacutical field and sad there are too many side effects. About paying the girls, a little bribary never hurt anyone.

  3. Heather says

    Well, because of Andrew, my opinin on the shots is yes. Not only are you protecting your kids, but others who have problems (and cannot get them) like mine.
    Practicing, I totally agree with you!!! Autumn is just the same way! I get so tired of pushing her. I wouldn’t have let Autumn practice either (it has happened before).
    and about the money, I say if it works then more power to you!! I would rather pay them then clean their disaster called a room!!

  4. tammy says

    Wow.. you hit on my stress today :) I think as parents we are often confused about if what we are doing or not doing is what is best.
    I have quiet the rebellious child and the key is boundaries. I think what you did with practice is PERFECT!!
    As for the shot, since I have two sickies at home right now with temps, coughs and have already missed a week of school, i am torn too, so reading what everyone else writes on here.

    And whatever motivation works … go FOR IT!!

  5. ruth says

    Since you asked…
    The only time I have ever had the flu was the year I got the shot…1974.
    I wonder about the “news”. Every day there’s something more to be scared of. It used to be the Bird Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Mad Cow Disease,
    tomatoes, cranberries, lettuce, Salmon, coffee for goodness sake!
    ……I’m not getting the shot.

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