What I Did On My Fall Vacation

1. My cousin and I got hooked into washing dishes for 18 bazillion people who came to a yummy dinner organized by my gramma, because we’re “young.” I showed my passive-aggressive rebellion by wearing a Bears sweatshirt to her Steelers-decorated party. Take that, Gramma.


2. I introduced my gramma to her very first Starbucks ever. She’s from Cape Cod, and has held on to her accent. So Starbucks is “Stah-bucks.” (You should hear her order a Whopper at Burger King!)


3. We stopped at James Garfield’s house on the way home because my mother is trying to visit all the president’s houses. It actually turned out to be a very interesting stop – and the kids were entertained with great workbooks provided by the National Park Service. They had to do certain workbook things while taking the tour and then they earned a Junior Ranger badge. We had to get SuperBoy the Ranger hat. He wore it all the way home.


Ed. Note: My mom took the top two pictures and was the one that stopped and got us the Stah-bucks. That must be noted. (There’s only 70-ish days until Christmas. I’m on my best behavior!)


  1. Carey says

    Sounds like a great time! So how many Presidents homes has your mom visited so far?? Inquiring minds need to know :) Oh on a separate and unrelated note… We moved on Sunday!!! Can you hear the hallalujah chorus?? If it is off key that’s the me singing :) So we are no on double time unpacking! Roger can’t understand my need for instant settled! Or as they say here set-ulled. Maybe it has been the 3 and a half months of temporary lighting my fire :) Anywho this is your blog could you maybe blog something about the differences of men and women in home set-ulling? :) Gotta love em!

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