These Thousand Hills

The trip to Pennsylvania included a visit with my cousin Heather and her three kids. We drove over into West Virginia to a place called Oglebay Resort. It includes a zoo where you can feed lorakeets.



I am eternally grateful for my family. And I spent lots of time looking at pictures with Gramma and asking her and Grampa questions about their families. I’ve always enjoyed learning about people’s life stories – because I think if you understand history (good and/or bad), you can better look at life with a Big Picture View and it helps you realize how important it is to stay consistent with your choices and example to your children. Doesn’t make the cleaning and dusting anymore exciting – but it does give me encouragement. When I get to the end of my life, I want my testimony to be one my kids can look up to.And I have the utmost respect for people like my grandparents who have remained consistent and have provided such a testimony of God’s grace.


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