Prairie Life

After the dairy, we continued on our merry way to Indianapolis! Let me just say that my in-laws enabled this weekend and we are thankful to them! We met up with my mom, the in-laws and my sister and bro-in-law (you know him as Cool Not-Skycam-But-Robotic-Cam Dave) and their kids.

Friday night we went to Conner Prairie to hear the music of Billy Joel as performed by the Indianapolis Something Symphony. I was secretly afraid it was two hours of dentist office muzak…you know, the “yazz” flutes taking the melody line…but no, no, it was great. The man that sang and played piano was the star of the Broadway musical “Movin’ Up” (which had the songs of Billy Joel in it) and he was terrific. Lots of energy. Backed up by his great band, he kept the energy going. We have no pictures of this – but just picture our six kids jumping up and down to “My Life” and you’ve got the idea.

The next morning we made our way over to Conner Prairie and had a great time. I highly HIGHLY recommend this attraction – there was so much for the kids to do and it wasn’t crowded and ahhh…. prairie life. The kids chased chickens, held chickens, kissed chickens, milked a cow, learned how to say thank you in Lenape, and got to dress up and pretend to be all kinds of prairie things. SuperBoy even got a lesson in how to stand up for yourself against a mean little booger of a boy on the prairie. Yee-haw!












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