Usually it’s our house that’s a zoo, but this time, I decided to leave it to the pros.


Brookfield Zoo was crazy packed on Wednesday – mainly because it was their 75th Birthday this week and they had three days of free admission for kids. This meant every daycare in Chicagoland brought their busloads of kids! But the weather was still grand, upper 60’s and only drizzly at times, and we had a great day.


They had a special ceremony which included about half hour of these guys speaking – including Todd Stroger and Congressman Daniel Lipinski and then us all singing Happy Birthday to the zoo in English and Polish. Not gonna say SuperBoy didn’t want to quit this asap:


But with this behind us, we behaved for the most part:


Our reward was a free piece of birthday cake (provided by Meijer Grocery Stores in honor of their 75th. They also gave free bday treats to the zoo animals, which fascinated my kids.)



This is for Aunt Laura, who collects Coke things. It’s the Coke Bear! And three kids! What a find for your collection!



The other cool thing was that for the bday celebration, the hot dogs and Coke products were 75 cents. So we ate pretty cheaply. And we got to eat right underneath two cool peacocks were just hanging out. Can you see them?

You pay extra to see the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit, but it was actually very cool. I had an inner argument with myself as to whether I should be thinking it was so cool – I mean, they’re not real, they’re animatronic, all the signs eluded to dinos and millions and millions of years ago, which, blah, blah, blah – I’m supposed to believe this year has been here millions – if not billions – of years and yet, I’ve managed to destroy it by driving my van to Target and buying aerosol hairspray in the short life I’ve lived? Deep breath…moving along…

The 18 or so animatronic dinosaurs are actually very cool and I would recommend it, especially if you have a little boy who’s into dinos.



On a few of the dinos, you could push a series of buttons to make them move. Definitely a crowd-pleaser:



And of course, the obligatory plastic mold! There was a special series of four dinos.



All in all, a good time was had by all.

This trip was also the first time I’d been to the zoo without a stroller since I’ve been a mom. It was also the first time I’d taken all three of them by myself because I knew they could handle staying by me and paying attention.

They’re growing up.So bittersweet!


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