Anniversary Contest

Happy Anniversary to Us! 14 years have flown by and we’ve survived five moves, three kids, three pets (not including Teddy the Tadpole that only lived nine hours under our watch), and loads of seriously straining, totally depressing life-is-life situations and loads of wonderfully exciting, very cool life-is-life stuff too. Whew!


As you know, life is not full of lovey dovey romantic music playing while you gaze at each other lovingly (as though I could do that without laughing!)…it’s lots of little moments of choosing to love each other.

So, in celebration of well…Us! I’m giving away a SIGNED copy of Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages – plus a $20 gift card to Starbucks so you can enjoy a drink. All you have to do to enter is put a comment on this post. Winner will be randomly chosen on Tuesday, May 26.

Oh – and for extra credit…do you know the rest of my favorite verse about love in the Bible? It starts: “It is better to eat soup with the one you love than…”


  1. KellY says

    It is better to eat soup with the one you love than…
    eat cow tongue, hippo thigh and turtle necks.
    3 Samuel 118:7

    It is better to eat soup with the one you love than…
    share your Starbucks vanilla bean frappuccino! (Love you Mike!)

  2. KellY and Mike says

    HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy
    From the Lamonicas!
    Happy 14 (at least) more…
    We celebrate 4 next month!!!

  3. Heidi Hannah says

    Happy Anniversary! We celebrate 16 years next week – can it be that long ago?

    It is better to eat soup with the one you love than…
    steak with someone you hate.
    Proverbs 15:17

  4. Mike says

    Fourteen years huh? That’s a long time in today’s “I don’t like you anymore” society of divorce! It’s awesome.

  5. Kris says

    HAPPY Anniversary! We’re headed for 29 in a couple of weeks – it is definitely a series of choices made whether consciously or unconsciously!!

    It is better to eat soup ONLY if it is low in sodium!!! :-)
    sirk 1:1

  6. Melinda says

    Happy Anniversary Kelli and Steve! I hope you all have many more to come :) My mom and dad’s 28th is in June.

  7. Laura says

    Happy Anniversary Kelli & Steve, Keep going and maybe someday you’ll catch up :) 34 yrs this year!! Love you guys.

  8. says

    Kelli, Happy Anniversary to you!!!!
    I just figured out yesterday that you had a blog! I, too, have one, but haven’t kept up with it much lately. Gotta get back into the swing…

  9. Laura Chavez says

    Happy Anniversary ! We’ll be celebrating 4years in a couple of weeks…you’ve got 10 on us ! Congrats !

    It’s better to eat soup with the one you love …
    once you’ve spent 14 years eating it alone.

    Loved your description of marriage too…and great book choice.

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