Thanks for reading about our trip! Lots of people are asking the most important question, though. And that is: How was the food?

Well, in some ways, it was a disappointment. We had our handy travel guide, and every restaurant we tried to go to from there was closed. I am not sure if this was a seasonal thing or if they saw us coming and locked up shop. But, on the other hand, we had some great food memories:

1. NO Starbucks! Poor Mr Mip! But they did have Costa:


2. Travel Buddy and I walked to Dunnes Store one day (kind of like a Meijer store.) and bought groceries for a couple meals at the house we stayed at. Why is it so much more romantic to buy hot cross buns in Ireland than it is to buy dinner rolls in Aurora?


3. If you eat at a pub or any sort of smaller restaurant or really, anywhere they’ll feed you something, and you don’t know what to order, just say: “I”ll have the Toasted Special.” This is a grilled cheese sandwich with or without ham, red onion and tomato. I thought Fruncle Roger would really like them…And everything comes with chips on the side.


4. The weather was probably in the 50’s, low 60’s the whole time we were there. And so I’m not sure why I felt so cold the whole time. That’s why I was thankful to be introduced to the National Pasttime. That of Drinking Tea By the Gallons. It was so good. And it was the first question many people asked us, “Can I get you a cuppa tea?” They drink it with milk and sugar. Which makes it palatable to me!

That’s why this is what most of Ireland looked like to me:


Look, even the monkeys at the wildlife park are addicted to tea:


5. But, really, I know the question that’s burning in your mind: “But, Kelli… what about Shamrock Shakes?”

Yes, they have them. And Mr MIP got to try his very first Shamrock Shake in his life in Ireland! How fun is that?



6. And now, I’ve saved the best for last. My best food discovery was this:



Do you understand what that is??? It’s a Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry! I don’t like McFlurries, but I do like my darling Cadbury Creme Eggs! It was this amazing ice cream with Creme Eggs all crushed up in it and then extra orange syrupy fondant mixed in. Pot o’ gold, people, pot o’ gold. I didn’t take a picture of myself gorging on the treat, but I did get a picture of Roger enjoying his:


Excuse me while I go crawl back in bed and shed tears over McFlurries remembered.


  1. Kris says

    I do like a McFlurry from time to time but don’t care much for the Cadbury eggs………..guess I’m doomed to stay in boring old Aurora!!

  2. kelli says

    sorry, kris. but you should still go!! would you drink tea? eat toasted cheese sandwiches? :)

    jeff. oh. yeah. that’s what i’ve been told. must be true. or it could be that i couldn’t figure out how to turn on the heat in the house we stayed at. that might have had something to do with it! anyway, hot tea took care of my woes.

  3. says

    JCee – I’m not sure exactly…except that it was brilliant!
    The brand I saw at restaurants/museum/zoo type places was Bewley’s and the brand we were served in homes and told was the best was Barry’s Tea.

    It was just a good, solid, black tea.

  4. says

    Awesome. It’s details like these that I remember about my trips overseas. I still miss certain cookies, candy bars, jams, and breads that you just can’t get over here. (I gained a lot of weight as a missionary.) And for some reason, sipping tea at 4:00 with a bunch of people speaking in lilting accents is FAR more enjoyable than microwaving a cup here in the US.

    Seriously… your post makes me miss traveling.

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