Ten Reasons I Do Workout

Here’s a link to the Ten Reasons I Do Cut the Workout Short. And now, for the counterpoint to those arguments, I present my logical left brain:

Ten Reasons I DON’T Cut the Workout Short

1. I lost an hour of beauty sleep to be at the gym. If I’m missing out on beauty sleep (therefore, getting uglier), might as well make up for it by getting muscles. (what what?)

2. No matter what the other half of my brain might tell you, 55 minutes does NOT equal an hour.

3. Ooh… didn’t know I had that muscle. Come here, Muscle. Let’s take you for a walk.

4. The girl beside me only did the elliptical for twenty minutes. Cha… that’s nothing. I’ll go for 45 minutes. Take that, Stranger. Ooh, yeah, you know I showed her. That’s G.

5. A recent article said that lattes made with skim milk are a good after-workout drink because they have protein. Isn’t it handy that Starbucks is on the way home from the gym? And when the overly-friendly drive thru guy pats his big ol’ stomach and says, “One SKINNY Vanilla latte coming up!” I revel in the pleasure of knowing I earned that protein.

6. Because if I workout for an hour and Mr MIP doesn’t. Ha. I immediately gain the upper hand in all dealings for the day.

7. Because one of my biggest problems/worries/troubles/heartaches/things in which I am still naive, is people who aren’t what they say they are and if I say to myself I am something, I need to carry through with it, otherwise I am letting myself down.

8. When else are you going to be able to get away with watching reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond at 4 in the afternoon with no guilt? And I have to keep going, otherwise I won’t know if James Bond lives to Die Another Day! (The Sunday afternoon movie this past week!)

9. You know that elusive “runner’s high” they talk about? I’m trying to experience the elliptical-isizer’s high.

10. If I workout, I might lose weight. If I lose weight, my clothes won’t fit. If my clothes don’t fit…I have to go shopping!


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    I love this list. You’ve inspired me to go for a walk with my boy this afternoon. Plus I LOVE #10!

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