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Hey, it’s week 2 of Flashback Friday! Today’s post is a little something I like to call Didn’t Make the Christmas Card. You know, you get the kids all dressed up and cute-d out and sit them in front of the tree and let Mr MIP have a try at getting The Shot. Here are the ones I was tempted to send out… but didn’t (so as not to embarrass the grandparents).

Christmas ’03. Two girls: ages 4 and 2. (SuperBoy on his way.)

Christmas ’04. Two girls: ages 5 and 3 and one SuperBoy aged 10 months.

The girls’ expressions here are so…something.

Try again:

Same year – take two. This is a posed shot, believe it or not. The kids all would do these faces when we said “Sad….” But imagine if we sent this out! “Oh, those poor children!”

And “Happy!”

Skip ahead to Christmas ’07.

This one sure was tempting to use… but we went with the traditional “Here’s our three kids, look how much they love each other.” So dull and boring. (Wink).

UPDATE: Mom added some pictures of her own. Check them out HERE.


  1. Sue says

    The joys of a digital camera! I took 30 pictures one year and I didn’t end up w/one usuable one!! They were either distracted w/the Christmas tree, each other, Kristin w/her toes :) and then were just plain sick of me trying to get a cute picture!
    Those pics are great though!

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