Can’t See the Forest For the…Ziti?

One thing the “experts” tell us as mothers is that you never look at a child’s piece of art and say, “What in the world is that?” You say sweet, motherly things such as: “Oh, that’s really quite beautiful. Can you tell me about it?” “Can you tell me the story of what is happening in this picture?” Then when they respond with, “Well, it’s the abominable snowman chasing a girl who is rollerskating down the cereal row at the store,” you’ll know you haven’t crushed them by guessing it was a tiger sitting on a lily pad.

Usually I keep to this rule. But, I’m not gonna lie. This was SuperBoy’s project from Sunday School on Sunday, and I had a hard time not laughing and, or, throwing it out right away.

Oh, what is this? I said to SuperBoy.

It’s a forest with trees.

And how does this relate to the Bible? I asked.

With a sigh that had “duh” written all over it, he responded, Because God made the trees, Mom.


The kids love it, and John the dog moved right in. It’s just me, the grown-up, who can’t see the forest for the ziti.


  1. Tammy says

    I love to see the creativity and superboy has some.

    Evan once made a city out of old cereal boxes and pringle cans that he glued on a poster board I had brought home from a meeting. I of course saw a bunch of trash glued to a board.. he simply told me it was Evan city for all of his match box cars…. Ahhhh what it would be like to be young again. :-)

  2. Kris says

    What is the stuff that makes up the base? It sort of looks like raw meat?? :-) I miss Superboy!!

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