Browsing History

If I think too much about the records every site keeps on what we browse and read and look up on the internet, it can be a little creepy.

I was browsing a news article when this popped up in the corner:

Based on your past browsing, we recommend the following articles:

Dump the Friend – but not THIS way
Aargh! — buried facts about pirates
‘Mummy’ star likes to dress correctly


Amazon recommends these books to me based on past purchases:

World War II Coloring Book
Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview
Cut & Assemble An Early New England Village

Apparently I like to color and assemble my history. And what’s with the scholarly middle book there. Where’s Mary Higgins Clark?

And the last site I visited? The Pulse – Mark DeRosa’s blog. Now that we’re almost Best Friends Forever, I have to check in every once in a while. Go Cubs! (I was in sports heaven yesterday, what with the Olympics AND a Cubs doubleheader!)

Just as a reminder:
Chicago 73 47 .608 –
Milwaukee 70 51 .579 3.5
St. Louis 67 56 .545 7.5
Houston 61 55 .508 12.0
Pittsburgh 55 65 .458 18.0
Cincinnati 53 68 .438 20.5



  1. says

    I live in the midst of Brewer fans who pretend to care and they are all excited that the Brewers have won eight in a row and are only 3.5 games back.

    Here’s the deal though, at the current pace, the Brewers have gained 1.5 games in their 8 win streak. This means that they would have to win 16 more games, in other words, ahve a 24 game winning streak, and at the end of all that, they’d still be a half game back.

    Of course, we all know things won’t continue as they are, neither for the Brewers nor the Cubs. So all of it is irrelevant. But it feels good to know just how awesome awesome can be.

  2. Janet says

    OMgosh… I didn’t know you were such a sports fan. How do I get to that article about dumping a friend… I guess we can still hang-out since your kids are so cute, you make really good cookies, and I have a lot of fun with you.

    How DID Superboy get such big biceps? He must go to the gym. I wonder which one he belongs to…

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