Other Than Olympics

Just in case you get nervous watching Olympics tonight, here are some distractions:

1. Waste your time doing this:
87 words


2. 8yo practically brought tears to my eyes after I asked her to put some rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. She didn’t just stick it in the sink (well, you know, there was the possibility she’d do that!), she put it on the holder without being asked!! Gold Medal Winner, Dear!

3. SuperBoy learned a lesson we all need to remember: Never hit a bee with a bat. (I guess I can’t help but acknowledge some other issues in this photo: He’s modeling the silver medal his sister made for him. He’s also modeling the latest in SpiderMan fashions. Hm? What? The dishes behind his head? Of course they’re clean. Um. Sort of.)


  1. Heather says

    yeah, only 47 words, and that was on my second try. I totally messed up the first time, not sure what I did!!

  2. kelli says

    Stung by the bee. “The bees got me! The bees got me!” It was very surprising to him. I did learn on the internet (where everything you read is true, of course!) to put a paste of baking soda and water on the sting to reduce the inflammation. It worked!

  3. Kris says

    BTW, I might have to give Chloe my gold medal for changing the toilet paper roll – I can’t get anyone in this house to do that (except me of course)!! Poor Superboy :-( !!!!!

  4. Laura says

    got 57 words a minute. Woohoo. Had to type 100 wpm before I graduated. Guess I’ve slowed down some :)

  5. Sue says

    okay…it took me once to warm up…then I ended up w/65wpm…I think I could get addicted…20 yrs ago I could get 120+!
    I spotted something in Superboy’s picture, so I enlarged it…are those Mrs. Myer’s products on your sink? Guess who’s husbands work bought that company? Do you like those products?

  6. kelli says

    Laura – I know – the typing thing is addicting!

    Sue – yes, Mrs Meyers! I didn’t realize they had been bought out. I thought Granny Meyers was still making her products in her kitchen! (not really) I love her/their products. Is… is there a possibility of having those in my future?? :)

  7. Sue says

    they are a relatively new company acquired by SCJohnson, but will still be run independantly…hmm…do I see any in your future? They just became available in the company store (there were 1 or 2 other companies also bought, but I can’t think of their names…) but w/a limited supply…I can only buy one of each product that they have (and they don’t have them all). The discount isn’t as great either, but if you e-mail me what you like, I can see what they got. I do know that a bottle of the lavender lotion was $3…is that a deal?

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